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Project | 01
Book: "The Healthcare Conversation: Navigating the U.S. Health System." Publication: February 2020.
The Healthcare Conversation is an inspiring read about understanding how to navigate the health system in order to become a smarter, better-informed patient-consumer. The main goal of this book is to empower readers to take their physical and financial well-being into their own hands. This book discloses information regarding the status and nature of our health industry in hopes of making healthcare more readily available to all Americans who wish to have a voice in the conversation.
Project | 02
Research Lab: Experimentation with the Dorsal Hippocampus, the Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex
I work to investigate the latent learning phenomenon in novel environments in the absence of reinforcements and rewards. I experiment with rodents in behavioral and electrophysiological techniques and collect data for statistical analyses.

Private Investigator: Andrew Wikenheiser 
Project | 03
Research Lab: Pilipino American Stroke Intervention Project
Private Investigator
I worked to characterize the cultural barriers and stroke knowledge gaps that exist in the Los Angeles Filipino American community through ground theory and to create an online media tool that can be disseminated to better address the cultural barriers and poor health literacy in the community.

Private Investigator: Antonio Moya

Project Covered in Huffington Post's article: "How The Filipino Community Is Fighting Medical Invisibility"
Project | 04
Healthcare Research:
Case Management Coordination and Patient Interaction
Location: St. Joseph Hospital
I worked as a Care Navigator in the COPE Health Scholars program to assist the case management team to better care coordinate the health plan of patients with high LACE scores and a high probability of readmittance. This project explores the need of patients for close care management and how their care is better improved due to this additional service.
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